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Are Your Teams Prepared to Return to Work? Strategies for Construction Project Restarts [Webinar]  

FMI, Autodesk join forces to discuss proactive strategies to help construction teams restart their projects, manage COVID-19 impact in May 5 webinar.

Around the world, many projects are slowed or on hold. As we wait for work to begin again, it can feel like we are waiting on the starting block before the big race. We’re all bracing ourselves for the starting pistol’s sound, ready to propel head first into business as usual. But the road ahead is a marathon – not a sprint. And like any good marathon runner, preparation is critical.

COVID-19 has unquestionably impacted your jobsite in some way – from supply chain distributions, to a halt in construction altogether, to just general uncertainty. Whether you’re in a region that has deemed construction “non-essential” or your client requested a site closure out of an over-abundance of caution, it’s time to start preparing for a return to work. 

Yet with projects all aiming to resume at the same frantic pace, it’s unrealistic to assume that the industry will just pick back up from where it left off in early March. A strategy is essential for any resumption of activity, not only to ensure a safe and efficient transition back to the site, but also to build the resiliency to address the variety of challenges that will inevitably come with this return well into the future. 

To help teams prepare for this smooth transition, properly assess challenges, manage COVID-19-related issues, and resume the marathon ahead, join experts from FMI and Autodesk for a webinar on Tuesday, May 5, 2 PM ET (11 AM PT). Be sure to register now and please continue reading to learn more about what will be covered.

construction project restarts covid-19 webinar

The Current State of the Industry: Uncertainty

In locations where construction is deemed “essential,” many jobsites are currently suspended based on owner requests or out of an abundance of caution. In some areas of the world, only projects deemed “essential” are permitted to continue (i.e., medical, infrastructure, energy). Even if your projects have continued amid the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s a good chance they’ve been impacted in some way. In fact, in the U.S. alone, 67% of contractors report project delays due to the outbreak, according to a new report. Beyond current impacts, the vast majority of projects will likely continue to be affected in some way even as this all subsides and the curve of confirmed cases flattens.

As a result, a great deal of uncertainty remains. Teams know they will have to manage supply chain disruptions and potential delays, subcontractor availability, client expectations, new safety and sanitation policies, changing PPE requirements, and more. However, to what degree and how long remain key questions. 

Restart Challenges: Anticipating the Road Ahead

Many teams are adapting to new remote ways of working through video conferencing, embracing new software, and adjusting workflows to keep activity moving forward. However, key execution activities will remain on hold until teams can physically get back to their jobsites. In this sense, the restart of construction must also be carefully planned for, especially considering that once the “OK” is given, so many other firms are going to be remobilizing at the exact same time. A dual focus on flexibility and preparedness will be key. 

In a perfect world, the economy comes roaring back, and the industry picks up right where it left off before the COVID-19 outbreak escalated. In reality, all construction firms are going to feel an impact – but what you do now can help determine how significant that impact is once we all get the “all-clear.” It’s time to start asking the following questions:

  • What materials and/or products will be disrupted in the supply chain? How can we minimize disruption and create efficient workarounds?
  • How can we maintain social distancing guidelines and meet sanitizing/disinfection requirements? Will we be able to attain an adequate amount of PPE?
  • What type of skilled labor impact can we expect?
  • Does our building schedule need to be revised? What does the new timeline look like?
  • How will this impact subcontractor work? Will schedules need to be revised? Will it be difficult to bid projects out?

Devise Your Restart Plan: Register for Our Webinar

Join FMI and Autodesk for our webinar on May 5, where we’ll deliver insight on:

  • Tips for collaborating digitally to reduce risk and keep construction active and progressing.
  • Restart guidelines and what a plan should look like.
  • How even those projects not suspended during stay at home orders will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How to address impacts to the supply chain.
  • Reviewing cash flow and liquidity to better assess the financial impact of construction activity.
  • Other important considerations, including protocol, delays, close-out strategy, and more.

Save your seat in this webinar by registering today.

construction project restarts covid-19 webinar

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