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Whether you were always the teacher’s pet or the class clown, you’re sure to love going back to school with Autodesk University (AU)! Registration is now live for the no-cost global digital conference happening November 17-20. This year’s event is all about finding the new possible. We’re bringing you dynamic insights from industry experts on the technology of the present and the future in a 100% virtual format (free and open for all)!  

Hundreds of free courses covering everything from 4D construction to simulation to immersive design will be available from November 17 to 20. One of the best things about AU? The chance to explore the future of construction at your own pace. The event is 100% free to attend, but you do need to reserve your spot to join thousands of innovators across the globe and reimagine what’s possible. 

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AU 2020: Dynamic Insights Into the Future of Construction

The heart of Autodesk University is centered on the most cutting-edge technologies and strategies. In the world of construction, this means everything from connected workflows, advanced innovation, and data-centric sessions. There are so many courses to choose from at AU, you might be asking, “Which ones should I attend?” We’ve rounded up our top picks to experience the future of construction below!

Note this current session list is a preview only and is not comprehensive or final. Check back in October to view the final schedule.

Industrialized Construction

Industrialized Construction Panel: Why It’s Not Just Modular

Moderator: Az Jasat, Senior Industry Manager, Industrialized Construction at Autodesk

Industrialized Construction isn’t only modular. Prefabricated elements in the built environment and the DfMA process are quickly becoming the norm across all sectors. Yet most case studies and best practices focus on volumetric modular construction of housing and hospitality. What about the vast but largely unsung impact of Advanced Building Products, single-trade assemblies and multi-trade assemblies? They make up the majority of the market, after all. We’re shaking things up and talking with leads across the prefabrication continuum about why industrialized construction is much more than just modular. 

Autodesk’s Industrialized Construction Vision

Speaker: Amy Marks, Head of Industrialized Construction Strategy & Evangelism, Autodesk

The AEC industry is under immense pressure to change, raise productivity rates, increase safety, and provide greater levels of certainty. To do so, the industry will shift a significant part of its value chain to prefabrication.  

Autodesk is committed to supporting our customers on this journey. We’ll spotlight how we’re approaching industrialized construction and strategies for product, services and evangelism in this session with Autodesk’s Industrialized Construction Head of Strategy & Evangelism, Amy Marks.

Unite! Innovative BIM Workflows for Industrialized Construction

Speaker: Soren Shen-Lung Lin, Senior Architect, Nordic

Industrialized construction has great advantages for improving productivity, quality, accuracy and efficiency. How do you make it work in your organization? To answer that question, we’ll hear from Nordic Office of Architecture. Senior Architect, Soren Shen-Lung Lin, will share insights into the Scandinavian approach to industrialized construction, including innovative BIM workflows, advanced technology through all stages from design to production and cross-disciplinary collaborations with the software development team, Project Frog.

You’ll learn from showcases of large-scale and small-scale industrialized construction projects and get a step-by-step workflow for similar projects. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Using Autodesk BIM 360 & AI to Improve Safety & COVID-19 Mitigation

Speaker: Josh Kanner, Founder & CEO of Smartvid.io

At Barton Malow, ranked by ENR as one of the 50 largest U.S. contractors in 2019, safety reigns supreme. The general contractor and construction management firm’s logo proudly proclaims, “Build it Safe—No Exceptions.” It’s a motto the company lives up to with a safety record that is superior to the industry average.

In this case study format class, you’ll hear from Barton Malow’s leadership about how they improve safety and mitigate risk in the age of COVID-19. Highlights include the implementation of a safety program and its adaptation for the pandemic with Autodesk BIM 360 and Smartvid.io. You’ll also learn from statistical benchmarks for COVID-19 responses across the country, AI for computer vision (e.g., social distancing detection), BIM 360 dashboards and more.

AI Site Progress & Payment Quantification—A Cloud-Based Model & Point Cloud Comparison Approach

Speaker: Serken Sen, Head of BIM at Ballast Nedam 

The future of AI site progress and payment quantification? You’ll find it here in this session with Ballast Nedam’s Head of BIM, Serken Sen. This class examines the use of Revit, BIM 360, Airsquire, and Assemble. You’ll get to see the solution in action with reviews of related projects. The session will wrap up with an in-depth look at the needs, benefits and practicalities of a three-way innovation journey between the industry, Autodesk and startups to lead the digital engineering era in AEC.

Construction Outlook 

2020: The Aftermath

Speaker: Jeffrey Sample, Speaker/Disruptor/Consultant, Ironman of IT

Let’s face it. We all want to fast forward through the rest of 2020 and move quickly, but we can’t learn without reflection. Through the dark cloud of the pandemic arose bright lights of creativity and innovation that we are using to navigate a path forward. Pull up a chair and join us as we recount the good, the bad, and everything in between.

You’ll learn about construction’s critical role in the economy, the innovative field hospitals, alternative manufacturing, and the surprising digitization that happened. The host and panelists will review the stories to illustrate lessons learned and ways the construction industry can move forward, stronger.

Construction Data

The Future of Construction Insights 

Speaker: Pat Keaney, Director, Product Management, Autodesk

Want to build a data-driven organization but struggling with a lack of visibility into key project information? Dealing with data silos that prevent you from getting meaningful and actionable insights?

In this session, learn how to maximize data and analytics across the construction lifecycle to empower teams across various functions and workflows. You’ll find out how to better understand the health of a specific project, assess team performance, review the status of your overall project portfolio and explore ways to optimize new projects for improved outcomes. 

This session focuses on Autodesk Construction Cloud’s capabilities for unified data, analytics, and reporting on top of a robust, secure and scalable data platform built for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

The Future of Quantification with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Speaker: Nick Zeeben, Product Manager, Autodesk

Estimating teams play a vital role in winning new business. Yet many solutions today lack collaboration and require highly manual processes, resulting in siloed data across teams. Join us for this session to learn the benefits of next generation 2D and 3D technology and best practices in quantification and estimating. We’ll also spotlight Autodesk’s plan for driving the industry forward with connected cloud-based preconstruction planning tools with the power of automated tooling and machine learning.

The Future of Construction Project Management 

Speaker: Cara Wilczynski, Customer Success Manager, Autodesk

One word to describe the last decade of the construction industry? Change. The entire supply chain has begun to digitize critical processes and workflows alongside the relentless use of emerging technologies across the jobsite. What does this mean for the future of construction project management? And the project manager

This session will explore how digital processes are improving the way we work, walk through the upcoming technologies and demonstrate how you can include these in your company road map to prepare for the future. 

Autodesk University Registration Is Open: Sign Up Now

We know you’ll love these sessions at this year’s Autodesk University and find countless others to help you reimagine what’s possible. To see the full session list at Autodesk University, click here.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get it all for free— register now and secure your spot!

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