Stop ‘Herding Cats’ and Streamline Bid Management with BuildingConnected

May 7, 2021 Lauren Ginsberg

It may feel like you’re ‘herding cats’ when it comes to bid management. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

For specialty contractors, a connected bid management platform for bid solicitation and management is a must-have to save time, increase quality, and improve collaboration to scale up operations and bid on multiple projects with a high success rate. 

With BuildingConnected, specialty contractors can manage, track, maintain, and evaluate projects that they’re bidding on and bidding out. With insight into ongoing operations and the status of bids, subcontractors have visibility into bidding to drive more successful outcomes.

In advance of the “How leading MEP subs use BuildingConnected to drive success,” webinar on April 22nd at 9AM PT / 12PM ET – we asked Sarah Emich, Director Of Preconstruction, Houston Division at Walker Engineering and Mary Goeckner, Estimator at McKinstry, about the benefits of using BuildingConnected to manage their bid pipelines. The benefits ranged from streamlining information sharing to greater visibility into which bids to prioritize. However, there was one common thread: shared data on a unified platform drives better decision-making around resource planning and execution.


The Benefits of Streamlined Bid Management for Subcontractors 

1. Increased visibility and information sharing with everything on one, intuitive interface

“We used to track everything in Excel, but it was an outdated and cumbersome process,” says Emich. “With information not being accurately collected, we were unable to track what bids had gone out, who was working on what bid, and what our win ratio was. The process was chaotic.”

BuildingConnected enables teams to streamline information sharing on one platform. With a centralized platform for bid management, teams can eliminate the redundancies of uploading information into disparate systems when subcontracting part of a bid to a subcontractor. By having all information on one platform, teams have increased visibility into bidding and can operate more efficiently.

“The utility in the platform enables us to synchronize data between what we’re bidding on and bidding out seamlessly,” says Goeckner. “We don’t need to copy and paste information – dates, drawings, and specs – from emails. We can go into BuildingConnected, create a project, and share information from one project to the next.” 

2. Greater flexibility in working from anywhere as information is managed automatically in real-time

With cloud-based tools, you can manage projects – regardless of location – and ensure that information is aggregated across multiple resources in real-time. 

“There are few jobs where you can move from Seattle to San Diego and then move back while still working for the same company, even when that company doesn’t necessarily have projects based out of San Diego,” says Goeckner.

With BuildingConnected, teams have the flexibility to work remotely as all bid invitations and packages are managed in a centralized environment. 

3. Understanding hit ratio, so you are chasing the most appropriate and viable opportunities

One of the biggest mistakes many specialty contractors make is bidding on every job. By reducing the number of proposals submitted, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your bids and select the best opportunities to bid with a higher probability of success.

“With BuildingConnected, we have been able to evaluate and refine our bid list by measuring which clients we’ve previously had success with,” says Emich. “This helps us to focus on where we’re going to spend our time and allows our team to cultivate deeper relationships with a more select clientele.” 

4. Better resource management & not overextending teams by knowing what they’re bidding on

“When a new bid invitation comes in, the team evaluates if it’s worth pursuing – do we have enough resources, what does our current workload look like – and if we have the capacity, we add it into our workflow in BuildingConnected,” says Emich.

BuildingConnected is a one-stop-shop for teams to have visibility into what’s being bid on, so there is no overlap in projects and resources are managed efficiently. Gone are the days of the dry-erase boards to track who’s managing what bid. With BuildingConnected, teams have insight into who may be overloaded or what resources are available to manage a bid package effectively.

5. Increased time-savings, allowing teams to focus on creating competitive bids

“Time-savings are incredibly important in our industry – especially when you’re bidding on multiple projects,” says Goeckner. “With BuildingConnected, we save at least an hour on every project, which allows our team to spend time managing bid proposals with vendors to create more competitive bid packages.”

Getting Started with a Bid Management Solution

Specialty contractors often juggle many moving parts and pieces on bids, and outdated methods of managing information on disjointed platforms are no longer an option.

When adopting software, it’s essential to define what you’re looking to achieve and make a plan to get all stakeholders on board. With a single source of truth for bid management, subcontractors can better track, manage, and collaborate with the vendors that they’re subcontracting out to. With a platform to track information in real-time, teams can be more actionable and accountable for what they’re bidding on. 

To learn more about using BuildingConnected to better track, manage, and streamline bid management, don’t miss the webinar, “How leading MEP subs use BuildingConnected to drive success,” on April 22nd at 9AM PT / 12PM ET.


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