The Construction Industry Is Disconnected – But That’s About to Change [Video]

November 18, 2019 Kristen Sylva

As we’ve all seen, the construction industry of 50, 20, and even ten years ago is dramatically different than the one that exists today. Building information modeling (BIM), mobile devices, and software that enables more collaborative project management are just a few of the tools that have changed the industry forever by rapidly providing contractors around the globe with new capabilities, data, and insights right at their fingertips.  

Even so, for the most part, contractors still rely on industry practices that have not significantly changed over the past several decades. According to the Cato Institute, 90% of megaprojects experience cost overruns. While it’s undeniable that technology has played a role in alleviating major pain points within the sector, disconnected data and fragmented teams still are key challenges for projects leading to unnecessary delays, rework, and waste.  

However, new approaches and shifting mindsets are starting to solve the construction industry’s largest challenges. This new way of work, combined with new technology will help connect projects and businesses from the start – providing all construction professionals with connected software to: 

  • Collaborate more effectively and reduce risk to deliver projects faster  
  • Tap into global network of builders to assemble the best teams quickly  
  • Predict and eliminate problems before they occur 

This way of working is alive, today and all of us who are a part of Autodesk Construction Solutions are thrilled to announce a new era of connected construction, completely transforming the way we build: Autodesk Construction Cloud™ 

What kind of future are we building? Watch our video to find out: 

Connected Companies: Construction Firms Ahead of the Curve 

Today, companies on the leading edge are embracing connected construction to improve everything from day-to-day operations to long-term strategic decisions. Recently, we had the opportunity to visit several construction offices and jobsites to see how some of the most progressive construction companies are utilizing Autodesk Construction Solutions to reduce risk on their projects and businesses.  

Watch our video and step inside the construction offices, trailers, and sites of tomorrow – happening today 


So, what does it take to close the gaps in the construction industry? Autodesk Construction Cloud combines three powerful pillars to connect the entire construction lifecycle and teams. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud - 3 Pillars

Advanced Technology 

Thirty-eight years of experience partnering with designers and builders has taught us a thing or two. As a result, we’ve invested in the best-in-class construction technology in the world – simple and easy to use, yet powerful enough to unite headquarters, office, and field teams from design through construction and operations.  

Builders Network 

It takes great people to build great things – that’s why our family of partners and users has grown into the industry’s largest global network of owners, designers, and builders. Using our technology, teams are empowered to find the best people, with less risk 

Predictive Insights 

At Autodesk, we are continually looking towards the future. Without data silos, our software utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for deep analysis. Autodesk Construction Cloud reduces risk to keep your project on schedule and within budget, all with more insight into predictability in the future.  

Ready to Connect Construction? 

From design through operations, Autodesk Construction Cloud connects the entire construction ecosystem. If you’re ready to explore how the technology is transforming the industry and can support your business through all stages of construction, request a demo.  


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