Download our 2020 U.S Construction Risk Outlook

January 8, 2020 McKenzie Gregory

At BuildingConnected, we believe that the entire construction industry benefits when we work together. That’s why we created our 2020 U.S. Construction Risk Outlook report: to share valuable data and insights with owners and general contractors across the nation, helping us all make smarter decisions about risk.

After all, we all have a vested interest in building a safer industry. When a single job site becomes less risky, every partner on that project becomes stronger. They bring that experience to their next project, setting off a domino effect that impacts everyone. We want to help builders leverage this shared knowledge to make the industry better.

We also saw an opportunity to analyze the construction outlook in a different way than is currently available today—by state and region. Builders rely on economic reports and outlooks to anticipate shifts in the industry, but national metrics may not accurately represent the direction their region is headed. State and local trends, while more difficult to analyze, are more actionable for builders of any size.

Just as TradeTapp, our prequalification tool, helps builders consider many factors when selecting subcontractors, this report will help them understand the many factors that contribute to risk in different U.S. regions. While this is just one of many resources to consider, we hope it inspires conversation within the risk community and helps builders make more informed business decisions in the year to come.

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