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Digitalisation: The path to sustainability for firms in Northern Europe A new report from Autodesk reveals the latest sustainability initiatives and maturity levels of firms in Northern Europe. In partnership with global consulting partner, Frost & Sullivan, 600 business leaders were surveyed across architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and manufacturing industries to understand challenges and drivers in this critical area. Discover the highlights here... Firms that already have a dedicated Sustainability Team in place Three C's that are driving Change Powering sustainable decisions with data Firms still face challenges in implementing strategies, but the benefits to both industries are clear Beyond CSR: how companies are taking the initiative Serious Investment: putting their money where their mindset is Predicted spend in the next five years to become more sustainable Prioritising sustainability Sustainability drivers Benefits of sustainability adoption Conclusion of AEC companies. 82% The planned investment that the average large architecture & engineering firm will spend improving their eco-conscious credentials in the next 5 years. €3.9m The planned investment that the average large manufacturing firm will spend on average improving eco credentials over the next 5 years. €3.5m of manufacturers are embracing sustainability for their supply chain. Customer retention Cutting carbon Digital Sustainability: The Path to Net Zero for Design & Manufacturing, and Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries Frost & Sullivan research for Autodesk in Northern Europe say sustainability commitments are an important selection criteria for partnering with other companies. Three quarters of AEC firms are investing in technology to improve their sustainability. of manufacturing firms. 86% in both industries across the Nordics. 91% 74% 49% 71% Reduce 'Embracing sustainability reduced our energy consumption,' said 74% in Manufacturing, 64% in AEC. Innovate 74% in manufacturing and 70% in AEC say sustainability enables better use of resources. Optimise Reducing environmental footprint through low carbon innovation is important for 59% of firms. CO 2 4/5 63% firms agreed clients expect them to adopt sustainability best practices. believe reducing energy consumption during production has the biggest potential to lower carbon emissions for the manufacturing industry. Competitive advantage 75% believe green creds gave them an edge when competing for business. " It's clear these companies are on the right path to sustainability, and there's a need for greater measurement between financial investment and ROI in other forms. The transformation from physical to digital has brought both the AEC and manufacturing industries closer together to make supply chains shorter, increasing collaboration and boosting resilience. The critical next step is sharing learnings and best practices between industries to meet carbon neutral goals in the next decade and beyond." Lynelle Cameron Vice President, Sustainability at Autodesk CEO, Autodesk Foundation

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