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Key Features Cost Management Built for Construction Improve cost control, gain real-time visibility of cost-related risks, and forecast accurately by centralizing all cost activities in the cloud and within the context of the project. Benefits Flexible and Customizable Configurable features allow teams to customize the software to suit their needs and preferences. Visualize Cost-Related Risk A real-time summary view of all budget items, contracts, and incremental payment applications provides a clear picture of revenue, costs, forecast, and variances. Effective Change Management Streamlines upstream and downstream change order workflows creating clear accountability and ensuring nothing slips through the cracks. Flexible Budget Structures: Set up custom budget structures that work with any accounting system and work breakdown structure. Terminology Customization: Customize the terminology used throughout the system to suit your needs and preferences, including tool and tabs names. Financial Markups: Create multiple project level markup configurations to apply to potential change orders, request for change orders or owner change orders before submitting to the owner. Document Templates: Manage your own document templates using field names we can populate directly from the system to quickly generate standard format documentation for distribution. Contracts & Contract Generator: Easily create, edit, and view supplier contracts using the details fly-out panel. Streamline the contract document creation process with the contract generator to compile appendices from multiple locations into a single package. RFI to Potential Change Order: Track the origin of the change orders by creating a potential change order from an RFI or link existing RFIs to potential change orders. Custom Approval Workflows: Utilize a decision-based workflow engine to create approval workflows to automate the approval routing of Owner Change Orders, Supplier Change Orders, and Contracts based on specific conditions before sending to external recipients. Streamline Change Orders: Manage all aspects of the change order process including logging and detailing all potential change orders, upstream budget request for change orders and formal owner change orders and downstream request for quotations, and supplier change orders. Payment Applications: Effortlessly create and manage payment applications for owners and suppliers, connect payments to contracts, and automatically generate payment documents. Tracking Actual Costs: Streamline the management of expenses by establishing a bi-directional relationship with your accounting system. Method Related Cost Planning: In a Gantt type view, easily plan schedule related allowances such as General Conditions. Adjust the duration, unit rate and time allocated to the job to better plan the allowances with the ability to view actual costs vs. planned. Forecasting: With all cost activities automatically pulled into the overall budget summary, teams have clear visibility into cost impacts, with a few clicks easily make necessary forecast adjustments. Controlled & Collaborative: Through user, role, and company-based permission levels easily control who has access to specific information. Bring owners & suppliers into the system to increase collaboration and streamline workflows.

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